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About Business Visual Vision Statements

Helping Your Business Achieve More

Why it’s important to have a visual vision statement for your business?

  • It guides strategic decisions, sets priorities, and directs planning

  • Aligns people across the organization and breaks down siloed thinking and activities

  • Empowers and instills confidence in your employees

  • Acts as a source of inspiration and sparks creativity

  • The Visual Vision Statement Workbook will guide your team in the journey to creating a VISUAL vision statement

Business Vision Statement Offerings

Group Meeting

Vision Statement Workshop

This highly interactive and collaborative workshop is designed to create your company or department's vision statement and as a bonus, bond your team.

In the workshop, you’ll:

  • Create a visual vision statement. Your constant reminder, a 'cue' to saying yes vs no that will keep your organization on track.

  • Discover your team’s core values & how to use them to make decisions.

  • Determine what’s truly important to the business & make strategic decisions with it.

  • Learn to focus employee’s time on priorities that deliver.

  • Create a deep sense of purpose & inspiration within the organization

Corporate Vision
Statement Examples

Below are images of visual vision statements that have been professionally designed based on the results of Adriana Girdler's facilitated workshop.

Testimonials About The Power of Visual Visions

All teams – big and small should employ this process. It’s not only excellent in developing amazing vision statements, but it also is an insightful look into your team and their incredible capacity to create.

Tim Brown
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada)

Thanks! This was an insightful, fun and worthwhile program. We will be enriched as a team because of it.”

Ryan Ward
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada)

The process of developing the visual vision was extremely valuable. For the first time we have a very clear definition of exactly what mc3 stands for and the visual format is a great way to communicate it so that we actually use it to guide day-to-day decision making

Abe Klassen
Mc3 Manufacturing

More Testimonials

Adriana is a fabulous Trainer, she comes with a different style which is unique to herself – i.e. she is more a personal coach than a typical trainer. I attended a couple of her sessions and those were useful to the group, her unique style is quite mesmerizing and you cannot loose attention & I remained glued to her session…as a trainer this is a unique skill and as a attendee you gain a lot. She comes with immense knowledge, diverse perspective and experience, that maker her a special coach.

Rizwan Ali - Global Program Manager, Microsoft

Adriana understands what needs to change in order to allow improvement. But more so how to make this palatable so that it’s received, and it energizes people to act.

Glenda Fernandez – Manager, Quality Assurance, Novo Nordisk

When I took over a new department, I thought this was the perfect team to create a visual vision theme song. Our vision is the reason why we get up in the morning, why we go to work. There is no better way to put that into words then to put it to song. People had a wonderful time, and it got them out of their comfort zone. What a great piece of music we created today.

Cheryl Cann - Business Unit Director, Oncology, Boehringer Ingelheim


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