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  • Adriana Girdler

Why you Need a Personal Vision Statement

It’s more powerful than you think

People are sometimes surprised when I tell them that individuals can benefit as much as corporations when it comes to writing a vision statement. Your personal vision statement helps direct your life. It provides the guidance necessary to navigate your days and make choices about your career. It’s a tool that allows you to say “yes” or “no” to choices or paths presented to you. It’s your compass on the path to your authentic self.

Benefits of a personal vision statement

  1. It encourages you to think deeply about your life.

  2. It helps you examine your innermost thoughts and feelings.

  3. It clarifies what is really important to you.

  4. It imprints your values and purposes firmly in your mind.

  5. It enables you to make progress toward long-term goals.

  6. It stands as a concrete expression of your desired results for your life.

  7. It reduces any hesitancy or fear of exploring this with yourself.

How to create a personal vision statement

Personal vision statements are awesome. What’s even more awesome is a visual personal vision statement. To learn how to create your own Visual Vision Statement, have a look at my book, The Visual Vision Statement Workbook.

My own personal vision statement is something I look at every day. To learn the meaning behind it, read my blog Adriana’s Personal Vision Statement.

A personal vision statement is the framework for creating a powerful life. What’s your personal vision statement?

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