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  • Adriana Girdler

My Personal Visual Vision Statement

My personal vision statement is like a trellis, interwoven with rare and precious flowers, connecting me to the diverse and beautiful facets of my life. I chose the colors because they resonate deep within my spirituality. They calm and ground me. The overall shape of my personal vision statement is a circle embraced by gentle hands cradling a beating heart, protecting and empowering. Too often we think with our heads only – ignoring our hearts or our intuition. The importance of listening to the heart is a deep belief of mine. Below the circle lies a group of curved lines that represent spirituality and intuitiveness, which is linked to the unconscious and the creative parts of our minds. Creativity underlies the structures of everything I do. The center words represent how I choose to live my life, every day The images around the circle represent things I value beyond all else. Placing these words at the core represents my deep and abiding reverence for their power in my life.

If you would like to create your own vision statement, check out my book The Visual Vision Doodle Book.

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