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Make Your Vision Statement Part Of The Fabric Of Your Company

Your company vision statement – Anybody know it?

So, you have a corporate vision statement. Excellent, quick question, if you were to walk down the hall and ask the first 10 people you run into to tell you what the vision statement is, how many do you think could?

You have a corporate vision statement for a reason. As Adriana Girdler reminds us in her book, The Value of Vis

ion, “A vision statement is a long-term outlook that embodies the highest values and aspirations of an individual or organization…The vision statement is what we do and why we do it.” However, what good is your vision statement if no one knows what it is. To tap into the benefits of clarity, focus, inspiration and direction, make sure your organization knows, and lives, your vision statement.

5 ways to weave your vision statement into the fabric of your organization

  1. Make it visual. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Take your vision statement to a whole other level and develop a visual vision statement. Turn your vision statement into a work of art, and let it impact your people on another sensory level. A visual vision statement is another way to provide complete clarity on where the organization is going.

  2. Display it. Make sure that every meeting room has a representation of your vision statement. Post your vision statement at the entrances to your offices. Have it printed on your business cards. Make sure it’s on your website (have a peek at ours). Put it front and center to let employees and customers know where your organization is going.

  3. Award and reward it. Develop a company award based on the vision statement. Award an employee that best exemplifies the values and characteristics associated with your vision statement. Build components of the use of the vision statement in work situations into employee’s performance reviews and reward them for vision alignment.

  4. Read it. At company meetings, start off by reading your vision statement to make sure everyone is focused and reminded of what the organization is doing, where they are going, and why.

  5. Make it musical. Take your vision statement and turn it into a theme song. Another sensory experience for your team that can be played at company meetings, trade shows, and other functions. Hearing your company vision statement theme song provides an inspirational and powerful representation that will keep your company vision and purpose front and center for all employees and stakeholders. We had fun making our corporate theme song, have a listen to ours below:

Your company’s vision statement is a great source that can provide all who see and hear it to understand exactly what your organization is all about – what you do, why you do it, and where you are going. Make sure your company vision statement is working for you by developing unique ways to weave it into the fabric of your organization.

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