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  • Adriana Girdler

Create your Personal Vision Statement with The Visual Vision Statement Workbook

Based on years spent working with businesses to create corporate vision statements via intensive workshops, Adriana recognized the need for the modern professional to benefit from the power of the personal visual vision. The Visual Vision Statement Workbook was born out of this recognition.

Directed through a series of exercises, the reader is inspired to reach for what could be and establish their own guiding light that will illuminate all their daily decisions. The person who picks up The Visual Vision Statement Workbook is ready for change and once they have completed the book, they will have discovered what that change looks like and the steps they must take to get there.

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The Visual Vision Statement Workbook, only $19.95, is available at our sister website:

The Visual Vision Doodle Book is the latest product from Canada’s foremost efficiency expert, Adriana Girdler, CET, PMP. Armed with a Lean Six Sigma Master BlackBelt and over 20 years of experience in efficiency and process improvement methodologies, Adriana is passionate about improvement in both corporations and individuals. Guided by her own visual vision, Adriana continues to feel the effects of it, both in business and her personal life, and produced this book in order to guide others along their own path.



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