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Your vision is your compass in life!

- Business and Personal -

The Power of a Visual Vision Statement

  • A picture is worth a 1,000 words. 

  • It acts as a source of inspiration and sparks creativity.

  • It acts as a tool to make instant decisions aligned with your goals.

  • It easily sets priorities and daily direction.

  • It's the foundation for everything you do, and choose not to do. 

  • Most importantly, it connects you to your purpose.

Personal Vision Statements

Create Your Own VISUAL Vision Statement

Design a life you love, one with purpose. A personal visual vision statement is a blueprint for life. It reminds you where you want to go. They're an important aspect of personal development.

They force you to have clarity for your life’s purpose and to identify what’s truly important to you. They provide a path for success and eliminate distractions.

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Business Vision Statements

Create Your Business VISUAL Vision Statement

A visual vision statement provides absolute clarity about where your business is going. 

Having a business vision statement inspires and keeps you on track for daily operations and strategic decisions. 

It keeps you aligned with your goals ensuring every decision you make is leading you towards your target.

How to get a VISUAL vision statement?

There's 3 easy ways to do this:

  1. On your own - Create your VISUAL vision on your own using the Workbooks designed for personal or business.

  2. One-on-one sessions - Create your VISUAL vision using the workbook and one-on-one sessions with the author, Adriana Girdler. 

  3. Workshops - Create your VISUAL vision by attending a workshop and get specific direction facilitated by the author, Adriana Girdler

Who Needs One?

Everyone...but check out these suggestions!

Clifftop Yoga

Personal Vision Statements

  1. People who want to connect with their life purpose.

  2. People who are ready for change

  3. College or university students figuring out what they want from life

  4. People who want to enhance family life

  5. Leaders needing self-motivation and wanting to make a positive impact on their team

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Business Vision Statements

  1. Business owners

  2. Team leaders

  3. Solopreneurs

  4. Management teams

  5. School boards

  6. Companies and Organizations

  7. Departments

  8. People who want to start their own business

Still wondering if this is for you?

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My life needs a clear direction and purpose.

A Personal Visual VISION Statement is for you.  Design the life you want!

Light Bulb Poster

My business needs goals and direction.

A Business Visual VISION Statement is for you. Take your business to the next level.

Festival Fun

I like to be fun and creative.

Check out our blog to learn more on how your vision sparks more creativity and innovation.

Need  Help Connecting to Your Purpose? Watch our Visioning Wizard, Adriana Girdler's TEDx Talk for Inspiration.


About Adriana Girdler

Author and Visioning Wizard

As President of CornerStone Dynamics (parent company to this site), I have led major organizations and employees on the path of change through efficiency and process improvements. From an early age, I had a personal vision statement that has been a strong contributing factor in my success. I have always been a visionary and this gift has helped me throughout my life. As the years progressed, I realized my clients, colleagues and friends were spinning their wheels - and that they needed a Vision Statement to guide them, whether that be in their personal life or their business; it's the secret to success. So I developed The Visual Vision Statement Workbook (a personal and business edition) and have created programs around these books (and available on this website). 

Because of my experience, both personally and professionally, I understand the needs of people and organizations. I'm capable of bridging the gaps of my client’s current dilemmas and their future goals through my intuitiveness. I now use the best of both worlds, intellectual/data and intuitive/spiritual to help guide clients in decisions that resonate with their core beliefs. My clients enjoy decisions that are harmonious, simple and impactful. 

I'm excited to offer visual visioning services and I am grateful to be using my gifts to help others. But most of all, I'm doing what I love. A vision that you believe in is a guiding force for every move you make and provides tremendous focus. 

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