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Business Theme Songs

Music: The Common Language at Work

Companies often put their vision statement on a bookshelf that rarely gets any further attention. We’ve developed a fireproof way to make sure this doesn’t happen with yours. It’s time to put a song to your vision so everyone can sing it and be in tune. With our guidance, we’ll connect your team and break down the silos and bring everyone together with a common purpose. With a crew of music producers, your team will create, sing, and record a song in the music studio, based on your vision.

With your team, we transform your vision statement into a song and create a music video that establishes your vision statement in the consciousness of your team.

Your vision statement theme song and video:

  • Offers a unique and fun team building activity.

  • Is a powerful and motivating sensory experience.

  • Acts as a source of inspiration and sparks creativity.

  • Can be used at company meetings, events, functions and trade shows.

Create a Business Theme Song

Click play to have a look inside the creation
of our own Business Theme Song.

Client Feedback from their Vision Statement Music Making Video

"I'm so happy to have our vision come to life, and come to song."

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