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Personal Vision Statements

About Personal Visual Vision Statements

Helping You Achieve More

A visual picture of your personal vision shows what you want in life, your purpose! Displaying it where you will see it daily is an excellent reminder of what you want to accomplish and what you should work towards. The tangible cue serves as your compass to make daily yes and no decisions allowing it to be your guiding light.

Personal Vision Statement Offerings

Choose the option that's right for you.
Design the life you want!

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The Visual Vision Statement Workbook - Personal Edition

$19.95 CAD

The Visual Vision Statement Workbook allows you to go deeper. It does so by guiding you through structured exercises, reflecting on your answers and then translating it into a personal VISUAL vision statement that outlines what is important to you. 

You'll be inspired to reach for what could be and establish your own guiding light that will illuminate all your daily decisions.

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One-on-one Visioning Sessions

Currently not available 

Need some additional guidance, feedback or direction while you're creating your visual vision? If so, the visual visioning wizard (aka Adriana Girdler, author) can help.

In the session, you’ll be able to:

  • ask any questions and receive clarification regarding visioning

  • bounce ideas off Adriana and receive another view point

  • have Adriana challenge your answers to ensure you are truly on track

Click play to find out what was Adriana's (author) 'Aha' moment and why it's so important that you have one too!

Adriana's visual vision 'Aha' moment

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Core Values List

Discover What's Important to You!

Core values guide our behaviors, decisions, and action. They're the foundation for decision making and can inspire positive change.

Download your copy of over 100 examples of core values, in alpha order.

Personal Vision Statement Reader Samples

Every visual vision statement will look and feel different. What’s most important is that it represents who you are, and it inspires you.

Testimonials About The Visual Vision Statement Workbook

I love how this book really makes you look inside yourself – your honest self – to see what you really want out of your life’s journey. It helps you identify what’s truly important in your life so that you can dispense of the things you don’t like/want to do in the present, and helps you create a visual road map for what you really want to do in your future. The simple, reflective, and very creative exercises gently force you to acknowledge the “wants” for your life’s dream, giving them weight and value to create a vision for your future.

Mary Chong

I recently had the pleasure of reading “The Visual Vision Doodle Book,” written by Adriana Girdler. This book’s engaging and casual format helps readers clarify and understand their core values, and then guides them through the step-by-step process of creating a personal visual vision statement. Far from an idle exercise, the resulting vision statement is a valuable tool that can guide personal and professional decision-making. Kudos on another great book, Adriana!

Lisa Gordon

In a workshop with Adriana, my company and personal vision is clear, my core values have been identified and much of my time and energy has been freed up because the decision of what to do is simply based on whether it aligns with these or not.
She brings so much value to the table and I would highly recommend her.

Darlene Gudrie Butts

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