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  • Adriana Girdler

Vision Boards Are OUT, Personal Vision Statements Are IN!

Let your vision statement by your GPS in life

One of the greatest distinctions in being a human is the ability to choose. This truly makes us unique. As a result, I tend to say ‘ought’ vs ‘should’. ‘Ought’ allows for choice where ‘should’ is more directive. Well, I’m going to take a very strong stance, go against my use of the word ought and say that you SHOULD have a personal vision statement.

Normally I don’t tell people what they need to do, I guide them and allow them to make the choice but this is one situation where people need to be prodded to say YES to finding their purpose in life. Why…I see over and over again people constantly stressed, busy with busy work all the while asking themselves ‘what am I suppose to be doing with my life’? Everyone has the power to stop this cycle and the answer is simple, you need to have your very own personal vision statement that acts as a guide. I like to refer to it as a GPS, allowing you to make decisions that will lead you towards your dreams and goals in life. Living your purpose is not hard, it takes discipline and reflection. You need to look inward to find who you truly are…and it’s not about the superficial, it’s about going deep within your soul. This can be scary for some but once you get past this fear it’s very liberating. This is the power of personal vision statements.

Are you ready to say YES to having your own personal vision statement?

If you’ve moved on to this paragraph…CONGRATS. Now I want to take this to another level. It’s not just about personal vision statements, it’s about having a VISUAL vision statement.

VISUAL vision statements are very cool because they truly make you connect with your inner self, your true being. If you want to live a purposeful life, you need to have an idea of what you want to do and be disciplined in your actions to obtain it. The personal VISUAL vision statement is the first step in helping you understand this. Why a VISUAL vision? A picture is worth a thousands words and if you are going to use your personal vision statement as a tool you need more than just a one liner, you need something that is more detailed, story like that connects with your heart and soul…this is about your dreams after all. Pictures can do this. Also, it’s easy to gloss over words. A picture will always stand out in our mind and reconnect you to your purpose so you don’t veer off course.

What is also very powerful about a personal VISUAL vision statement is that in order to create your own you need to go through a series of exercises that help you reflect and build your goals and shape your dreams. This goes beyond a vision board which can be very two dimensional; I see it, I like it, I cut it out and put it on a board. But what does the pictures you cut out really mean? Do you really want it or was it an impulse at that moment of time? Are you conforming to an ideal or stereotype vs creating your very own definition of what you truly want? I know…its’ deep. A vision board, as a result, only scratch’s the surface. Great place to start, but you need more.

A personal VISUAL vision statement allows you to go deeper. It does so by guiding you through structured exercises, reflecting on your answer and then translating it into a personal VISUAL vision statement that outlines what is important to you. It’s like losing weight…there is NO magic pill. You need to exercise and eat well, period. The same is with finding your purpose.

Stop the cycle of being busy and stressed about life. It doesn’t have to be that way. You’re in complete control. Say YES to creating your very own personal visual vision statement to help guide you in making your life better and more purposeful. It’s an amazing feeling when you are aligned with your soul’s purpose. Enjoy the journey.

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